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Junior Merckle
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    In his own words...

    "The SOWER Work Mission has been a priority of mine for many years. I have received a lot of blessings from seeing people's faces when someone made a building repair to their home to smiles turning to tears of joy. This makes every minute of labor worthwhile.

    In the early 90s, Pastor Karen Upson and Jim Webber were doing SOWER repairs to homes in the area and jobs were being scattered apart. Jim asked if I could possibly spare a few days to help out and I agreed.

    That year I helped out a few days. Then more work was needed, so I worked more. When Rev Lester Wilson came on board he asked if I could do material lists. It then became a full summer job!  For the last few years the repairs to homes and churches began increasing.

    I could sit for hours explaining the repairs that were made to homes in the area. In closing, I would suggest to anyone who has a few hours to spare to work with the staff at the Epworth Center and the volunteers. You will receive a blessing for your work!"